Manufacturers Of Forward Looking Sonar

Founded in 1969, we are an innovating company who design and manufacture a range of marine instruments for todays modern boat owner.

We specialize in Forward Looking Sonar but also have a versatile range of depth, speed and wind instruments.

EchoPilot 3D Forward Looking Sonar



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The EchoPilot team can be contacted by telephone, fax or e-mail:-

Telephone: +44 (0)1425 476211              FAX: +44(0)1425 474300
Postal address 
    EchoPilot Marine Electronics Ltd
    1 Endeavour Park
    Crow Arch Lane
    BH24 1SF

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Fls Technology, how it works...

OTHER SOUNDERS ARE HISTORY! Most vertical depth sounders show a depth which is an average of what is behind the boat. At EchoPilot we believe that most boat owners would prefer to see hazardous obstructions in front of them!!

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About EchoPilot

EchoPilot was founded in 1969 and our first product was a battery operated "flasher" echo sounder. Since then we have made hundreds of thousands of instruments, always specialising in forward looking sonar, depth sounders and speed logs.

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