The EchoPilot 3D Forward Lookiing Sonar comprises of two transducers, a transducer interface box, visual processor box, and keypad.
These components are easily connected and installed with the provided wiring.

The transducers are fitted through hull with the provided skin fittings, These can  be suplied in bronze, mild steel and stainless steel.

Twin retractable transducers ensure complete forward coverage whatever the hull form. The view ahead is 60 degrees in the horizontal plane and over 90 degrees in the vertical plane and the forward range is up to 200 metres. The screen updates every 1 to 2 seconds depending on the range setting. Available as a black box the 3D FLS outputs include  VGA and DVI for a full colour picture on a wide range of compatible displays. S and Composite video can also be provided with the use of a video converter.
Technical Specifications
Voltage                           12/24volts
Operating frequency         200KHz
Forward Range                20 to 200 meters
Depth range                    10 to 100 meters
Display Update                1.6 seconds 
Display Outputs               VGA, DVI, (s-video / composite video via adaptor)

EchoPilot 3D Forward Looking Sonar Screen Shots

Brochure FLS 3D
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EchoPilot 3D Instructions
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